Watching a Man Play Two Guitars at Once


Playing the guitar finger-style gives people a lot more freedom when they are playing the guitar. However, it is an extremely difficult technique for anyone to learn. Mastering the finger-style technique is difficult. While it is technically possible to play two guitars at once finger-style, it is also exceedingly hard to do, and even many of the most talented guitar players in the world aren’t going to be able to do it. Watching the musician in this video manage to pull off this feat is all the more impressive, given the sheer difficulty of everything that he’s doing.

The musician is actually playing a Guns N’Roses song, as opposed to some sort of simplistic tune. He still manages to play it better on two different guitars than many guitar players could on only one guitar. This is the sort of video that is impressive enough to SHARE on Facebook over and over again.

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