Watching One of the World’s Youngest Bluegrass Bands Perform


YouTube has given people plenty of opportunities to see young musicians in action before they became famous. These young musicians were actually invited to perform on David Letterman’s show, and people can watch this video on YouTube just as surely. These musicians are all grade school kids, and they already have the talent and coordination of people who are three times their age or more.

People who love bluegrass music will find their work entertaining, and they will be that much more surprised that it is possible for kids to play it so well at such an early age. David Letterman emphasizes their youth when he is first introducing them, and they seem to have completely won him over by the end of the video. Their CD is advertised during this video clip, and many of the people who see the video are going to be anxious to check out more of their music. This is a great video to share on Facebook, especially to bluegrass music fans.