Baby girl gets first hearing aids, giggles uncontrollably after hearing sister’s voice


There is no lack of touching videos online. We can definitely include a video of a little deaf girl getting her first hearing aid among such videos.

When she heard her sister’s voice for the first time in her life, she surrounded the world with a sincere reaction!

The adorable video has more than 37 million views on the Facebook network alone. Absolutely understandable, as the reaction of the little deaf girl is so touching that it warms every viewer’s heart!

CBS News,Facebook

The girl was born three months premature, which caused her hearing damage. Now she has got her first hearing aid, which has completely returned her hearing.

When she first heard her older sister’s voice while sitting on her mother’s lap, a genuine smile crept up to her face, captivating every viewer. When you see this beautiful scene, you will fall in love with a cute little girl yourself!

Source: KlipLand