Weather Forecaster Loses It On Air And Laughs So Hard She Cries


This BBC weather forecaster clearly is at a loss for words. When it comes time for her to give the forecast, she is laughing and cannot seem to stop. Even after the news reporter gives her a moment and introduces her again, she falls back into fits of laughter. Eventually, she has tears in her eyes as the laughter keeps on and cannot be stifled. If you have ever laughed to the point you could not stop, you know what this woman is going through in this video.

Imagine how embarrassed she must have felt as she tried her best to give the weather report and could only laugh instead! It seems like you get the giggles at the most inopportune time! Although she is able to deliver some of the weather facts, her laughter gets the best of her and she cannot finish the report. If you have ever laughed this hard, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can laugh at the video too.