Remembering the Awesomeness of Old School Music: Herman’s Hermits sing ‘Henry the VIII I AM’


Are you ready for a little nostalgia? Because no matter what age you are, you’ve probably heard of this song… and if you haven’t, you’ve still got to see this! The old school band Herman’s Hermits gives it their all by singing “Henry the VIII I am,” filmed as alive performance and in classic black and white. This band performs this awesome song, full of the kind of repetitious nonsense that captured the world’s attention because of its absurdity, and yet the song is remembered fondly and never loses its charm.

Do you remember hearing this song? Perhaps you had to sing it in grade school and remember singing, “Second verse, same as the first…” and continuing on and on. And yet, while music has changed significantly over the past few decades, this video still proves that simplicity reigns supreme when it comes to getting a tune stuck in your head.

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