Wham’s Last Christmas


This is a video that will not only surprise you but leave you asking questions why some people do what they do and especially on a worldly known holiday. Well in this video, Gang, Carissa is alone in the studio while everyone is on vacation.

There are so many things people are motivated to do when they are alone. Since Carissa is free in the studio alone, she decides to pull some sort of crazy stunt like the one in the video.

The video depicts how some Germans were carried away by the Christmas spirit and decided that they were going to play Wham’s Last Christmas 24 times in a row perhaps with an aim of promoting Germany. You can imagine spending 108 minutes or so listening to the same music Europeans were subjected to. However, it is you to watch the video and judge whether you find this interesting or not. Don’t forget to SHARE in Facebook.


Antenne Kärnten