What’s Better Than a Small Peanut Butter Cup? A Large Peanut Butter Cup!


Everyone loves peanut butter cups. The creaminess of chocolate encasing a burst of rich, smooth peanut butter is a sweet lover’s delight. They usually come two small cups to a package, just enough to share with one person, or double your pleasure by enjoying all by yourself.

Imagine a large pie size peanut butter cup, large enough to share with all your friends or family. Cupcake Addiction has made this possible by making a how-to demonstration video of how to make this large serving treat. The beauty is that the chocolate peanut butter pie requires no backing, and sets up with the firm but luscious consistency of store bought Reese’s cups.

The video gives start to finish tips of what you will need and lists the recipe ingredients beneath. Some important points include using compound chocolate so it sets up firmly. You can’t miss with these step by step instructions! You can keep the recipe all to yourself and be the envy of your friends, or you can be nice and SHARE this foolproof recipe video on Facebook, and perhaps enjoy this luscious pie at your friend’s home as well as whipping it up on your own. It’s too good not to SHARE!