Where’s the Line to See Jesus?


Becky Kelley performed this amazing song “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”. Years ago, Kelley took her nephew, then four year old Spencer to see Santa Clause. Spencer was taught growing up that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Naturally, he asked where the line to see Jesus was. After Spencer’s mom told her dad what Spencer had said, he became inspired and wrote a song about it. He had Becky sing it to see the outcome. After a few changes, Becky took the song to a music studio.

Chris Loesch rewrote parts of the song and together they recorded the demo. They also made a video to post on Youtube, just for kicks. In the first day it got 3000 views! Becky and the crew at Shock City Studios made another video, this time not just a quick video, which is the video you’re seeing today. With 4 million views and counting, Becky’s song is a hit.

They made a website for the song, and Becky hopes the song will have others reflecting on the importance of Jesus on his special day. Like this video? Feel free to SHARE on Facebook!

Becky Kelley