If Only the Whole World Could Show Love Like Baby Joey!

If you are having a bad day and can’t seem to make yourself smile no matter how hard you try, you may want to watch this video and turn your frown upside down. Baby Joey is a one-year-old who is attempting to make the world a better place, one smile, hug, and wave at a time. This video shows her walking through the store, showing everyone the same amount of love and kindness, even though they are strangers.

They say children are born with pure love in their hearts before they are old enough to become jaded. This video seems to fully support this theory. Joey is the sweetest little girl you will ever see! Imagine how the lady felt when this sweet little one ran up to her with open arms and wanted a hug! What a wonderful hug that must have been! If you think Joey should run for president when she grows older, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see this beautiful video.

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