His Wife Would Not Give Up On Him No Matter What


This video is very emotional, as you will see. It all starts off with a loving couple that had it all. They had met in college and not even a year later they were married. Matt and Danielle’s wedding was very beautiful and everyone was very happy for them. But something was going to happen soon, that would change everything.

One day, Matt was driving his motorcycle on a highway near their home in Savannah, Georgia. There was a parked car on the side of the road and Matt did not see it in time. He crashed into it and the event sent him flying. He was brought into the ER with very bad injuries and the doctors did not have much hope for him. After weeks had passed the time came to take him off life support. But his wife refused. He made it through, but his recovery was going to be long and hard. So his wife took him home and started working with him.

Now he has some of his speech back and is starting to learn to walk again, thanks to his wife who refused to give up on him. Please SHARE this story with friends and family on Facebook.

Savannah Christian Church