Wife Takes Out An Ad To Offer Her Congratulations To Her Cheating Husband


This video is hilarious because it features a real-life story of a woman taking the high road while still being able to give a zing to her cheating spouse. When she found out her spouse was cheating and he and his new girlfriend were expecting a baby, she decided to congratulate them the only way she knew how. She took out an ad congratulating the happy couple and signed it Patrick’s wife.

What an incredible way to get back at a cheating spouse and the one he cheated with! As the anchor says in this video, maybe this will make Patrick think twice before he cheats again! This is a hilarious dig at the two of them and likely made this woman’s day. Although she might have been cheated on, she certainly had the last laugh! Watch this funny revenge video and Please SHARE on Facebook so all your friends can see it.