Wild Animals can be Just Like Domestic Ones


This video really doesn’t do justice to what the story is all about. Imagine a fox that is trapped or hurt and gets rescued. Similar to a dog, foxes can do most of the same things but will almost always revert to their wild ways when they get hungry. If you take care of them and feed them on a regular basis though a fox can be trained very much like a dog. The fox in this video is named Dawn and the older man that is giving her some much needed attention and affection is named Geoff.

This video is shown at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary where Geoff is Dawn’s caretaker or handler. She loves him dearly and lets him rub her belly giving as much attention to him as he is to her. Whatever she was rescued from she is clearly happy where she is now, and is thriving thanks to the efforts of the team at this sanctuary. And because of their help and guidance Dawn will be able to live a full and happy life with a full belly and plenty of room to run and play .This is a great animal video if you could please SHARE in Facebook.