It is not uncommon to encounter wildlife around the scenic Horsetooth Inn and RV Park near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado. But Laurie Jones had a close, personal encounter with Gazelle one day when she walked around the small gift shop where she works.

The wild doe walked over and walked straight out the door and stood there for a moment, looking at her sunglasses and chips. Laurie couldn’t help but laugh! I finally helped escort the deer outside with the peanut bar and thought it was over. but after that …

Elle Mama is back about 30 minutes later, this time with her three children! They got up and waited at the door while my mother introduced them.

Lori didn’t let them hang around for long since they were wild animals, so she pulled them all out with another peanut bar. She usually has a policy against feeding wild animals, but she thought this particular circumstance required it.

But what a unique meeting Laurie Jones! You will certainly never forget it.

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