Wilderness Camera Crew Gets Up Close And Personal With Two Wild Moose


The guys in this video are amazed when they look behind their cabin in Alaska and see two beautiful moose swimming in the depths of the water. Immediately, they rush outside and grab a kayak that is tied up at the water’s edge. When you see them rushing to get access to these two beautiful creatures, you will not be able to help but smile. Hearing how large moose can get, will have you shocked!

It is amazing to see these two majestic creatures as they swim through the water. As the host says in the video, they are likely brother and sister and you will quickly see the brother is very protective of his sister. Although they are attempting to get close, they do not want to get too close because male moose can weigh over 1600 pounds and can be formidable to deal with! After you see this amazing encounter on video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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