You Will Be Amazed at How Easy It Is to Create This 4 Block Rocket Stove


Whether you are camping, in a survival situation, or simply like cool projects, you will love the unique ideas portrayed in this video. Here, you will learn how to take four cinder blocks and make an awesome rocket stove you can use for cooking and even grilling. In a matter of minutes, your stove will be assembled and ready to cook on. This is the perfect method for cooking food when electricity is not available!

If you love DIY projects that are cheap and easy to make, you are sure to enjoy watching this video. With just a few dollars, you can create this neat little stove and use it outdoors, anytime you like. With the simple instructions in this video, it is easy to create this stove to use at your camping site, while hunting, or during power outages. This cool presentation needs to be passed on to everyone you know! Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn how to make their own rocket stove.