You Will Be Astounded Over What’s Inside This Etch A Sketch Toy!


In this video, allow the kid inside of you to come screaming out as you relive the fun of Etch A Sketch. If you are like most people, you never have been able to quite master how to use this creative toy. The Father and Son duo at What’s Inside invited special guest, Madeline to show off her truly impressive Etch A Sketch drawing skills before they cut inside the toy to see if it can really start a thermite fire like on Breaking Bad. If you have ever wondered what makes an Etch A Sketch work, this is a video you have got to see!

It is amazing to watch this video and uncover the contents of the Etch A Sketch. It is so interesting to see this toy disassembled after years of playing with it and trying to figure it out. Watching this video will allow you to finally answer the question, “What’s Inside?” After you have watched, Please SHARE on Facebook to inform others of this unique information!

What’s Inside?