This Family Band Trio Will Blow You Away When They Perform “I’ll Stand By You”


The Edgar family trio is one that will both amaze your eyes and your ears. When you see this trio come out on the stage of America’s Got Talent, you will not be able to believe the two young women standing before you are mother and daughter. It seems the mom once had a record contract but she lost it because she was a single mom. She is there to prove to the world her talent is the real deal.

When these three begin performing The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You”, the crowd goes wild and the judges are in awe. Their three voices blend so beautifully together, it will give you those good chill bumps you only get when awesome music is playing. These three have definitely left an impact on the world with their performance. If you feel the record company made a big mistake in letting this one go, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook!

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