Will Christmas with Mog be Ruined?


The video “Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity” was produced with the help of Judith Kerr, who is a well-known illustrator and author in conjunction with HarperCollins Children’s Books. Their partnership produced an entertaining advertisement about one of Kerr’s best-loved characters all over the world, an adorable animated kitty named Mog.
A string of fateful events that are set in motion by Mog threatens to nearly destroy the Thomas family’s Christmas.

Mog needs to save Christmas and the video shows whether she can do it or not. Will Nicky and Debbie get what they want for Christmas? Will Mr. And Mrs. Thomas? Or, will they lose everything when a fire ruins the day?

There’s a knock on the door and the entire town, all of their neighbors and friends, show up to share their Christmas with Mog and the Thomas family. They have a Christmas tree, dinner with all the trimmings, and Mog even gets a boiled egg!
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