You Will Drool When You See This Gigantic Jelly-Filled Donut!


This video is brought to you by MyCupcakeAddiction which features some of the best confections and pastries on the planet. This delicious video is going to blow your mind if you are a donut lover! In this video, she is making the most gigantic donut you can imagine and it is filled with delicious jelly. This donut is truly big enough to share but you may just prefer to keep it all to yourself!

This donut is large enough for several people to enjoy and it is filled to the brim with delicious jelly. The outside is dusted with cinnamon sugar, making this a truly irresistible treat. While it may seem intimidating making a donut of this size, it could not be easier. Just make sure you watch the entire video and you will know all the ingredients and steps needed to create this donut masterpiece. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.