Will She Go To Prom?


Prom is something every girl fantasizes about from the time they are little. The idea of being able to dress up and be escorted to the dance by ” prince charming” is a dream that most girls achieve. For one mom when her baby was born with down syndrome the “will she ever?” popped into her head.

With a sweet proposal, Eli will be taking Megan to prom. This is a sweet tale of two beautiful souls meeting at just six months old and becoming a dynamic couple. The proposal goes above and beyond what most boys would ever dream of doing and it took him hours of therapy to be able to go this far, but he sings the proposal complete with suave moves as he asked ” his girl ” to prom.

Kudos to the classmates of his who joyously helped him pull this off. This story is sure to be documented in the history books of one of the sweetest ways of asking a girl to prom ever.

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