You Will Not Believe How Many Baby Puppies Came Out of This Mama Dog!


Gracie is a dog that was meant to be euthanized at the animal shelter. They planned to put her to sleep because it would be difficult to find her a home in her condition. Thankfully, the folks at Vet Ranch were able to step in and save the day. They knew she was very pregnant but they had no idea how many puppies were living in her womb! This video tells the sweet story of an abandoned dog and the many puppies she had.

You will be as shocked as the vet was when you see how many puppies were born. The team had waited for weeks for her deliver, hoping they would be there. Unfortunately, she delivered on her own but she did a fantastic job and every puppy lived! These puppies and Gracie herself will be found good and loving homes so they can be well-cared for. After you watch this video, Please SHARE on Facebook for other dog lovers to enjoy!

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