You Will Not Believe This Watering Can Is A Cake!


Ann Reardon is one of the most inventive pastry chefs you have ever seen! Each video she creates is better than the rest and this one is no exception. When you see the watering can cake she creates, you will be absolutely amazed! This gravity-defying cake will amaze your family and friends and would be perfect for a garden party. While there are many steps involved in making this cake, Ann makes them look super easy.

Seeing this cake come to life in the video is amazing to watch. It is like watching an artist at their craft! She makes it look so easy but this is definitely not a cake for a true beginner. Making this cake takes a little hardware intervention but when it is finished, it looks as if the watering can is hovering in mid air and watering the tiny plant. Check out this truly amazing cake and Please SHARE on Facebook.