The Willis Clan Unleashes Their Flawless Irish Step Dance Performance at the UCWDC 2016


The Willis Clan is a group of brothers and sisters who have taken the world by storm through their beautiful Irish step dance performances. This video shows their 2016 performance at the UCWDC. As you watch each member of the family step out to perform in unison, you will be absolutely amazed at their rhythm and grace. This performance will take you back to the old world when things were much simpler.

If you love Irish step dance, you are sure to love The Willis Clan. Even the little ones get in on the act and show they have the family skill too! As you watch this video, pay special attention to how each one delivers their own unique perspective to the act. When they all come together, it is then the magic really begins. Check out this amazing family performance and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so the rest of the world can enjoy it!