Winning a Girls Love with 90 Coins

The video The Story of 90 Coins tells about a young man that is hopelessly in love. His female companion is reluctant to share his feelings at first. The 90 Coins are used as a symbol for the 90 days the young man gives himself to get the girl to marry him. Each day he tries to show her that he is in love is true.
The young couple end up falling in love.

Than like with most romances reality takes over and they see that love takes a backseat to the daily stress of life. Love is not as exciting as it once was. The young couple has to decide if they want to continue on with their love or if they should keep the memories. The movie also cautions people against letting go of something they will regret for the rest of their loves. Many people do miss out on their true love. Please SHARE this on Facebook.

Michael Wong

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