The Wise Old Owl Teaches Us Valuable Life Lessons


A funny and educational video about owls and their behavior, a parable and activities for humans to try. The narrator educates us with true facts about owls and through a series of activities and teaches us that humans are gullible. The superior eyesight and hearing abilities of owls make them skilled predators, don’t let their big beautiful eyes fool you.

The narrator will share a fairy tale about a wise old owl, lost children, drug abuse and how to avoid getting your face ripped off by an owl. You will learn valuable life lessons, survival skills and the proper way to hold an owl. Whether you love owls or fear them you won’t be able to resist laughing as the narrator gives a voice to the annoyed owl in the forest.

If you ever wondered what owls are really thinking, you won’t be disappointed when you watch this video. Share this video on Facebook with friends and family, it’s too funny not to share.

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