Witness The Amazing Rescue Of Animals Trapped By The Flooding From Hurricane Matthew


The rescue team in this video is working to rescue animals that have become stranded because of the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew. Here, they are seen working in Horry County, South Carolina, working to capture dogs and cats that have become trapped by the still-high waters. When you see their efforts in this video, it will truly touch your heart! Thankfully, each of these dogs and cats will be safe, protected, and fed.

These people are working so hard to provide these animals with a safe place. They were left behind in the flood devastation and were likely starving when they were found. The Humane Society works hard to rescue these animals after natural disasters occur. It is important we all do our part to support them so they can continue their efforts in the United States. Check out this footage and after you have watched the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.