Witness a Frightening Experiment on the Dangers of Social Media for Young Boys


When the Coby Persin Show decided to set up some young boys to see how they would react to social media requests to meet with strangers, the results were enough to frighten any parent! This video showcases the story of three boys who were set up by their parents and the team to find out if they would end up falling for social pressure and try to meet a stranger in person. As you will see in the video, each and every one of the boys falls for the setup, scaring the life out of their worried parents!

As a parent, it can be difficult knowing how to keep your children safe from the evils that lurk in the world. This video should be seen by parents and their children together so the dangers of strangers can be discussed in a comfortable environment. After you watch this informative video, Please SHARE on Facebook to warn other parents!

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