Witness the Miraculous Recovery of a Special Dog Who Nearly Lost Her Life to Starvation


When Eduardo Rodriguez learned about a special dog who was being starved, he knew he had to step in and try his best to save her. Poor Barilla received her name because she was as thin as spaghetti! The vet did not know if she would survive the night because he said her organs could begin failing. This poor dog was so malnourished, she could not stand and only weighed a mere 16 pounds. This sweet little soul had nearly given up on life. Thankfully Eduardo found her when he did!

This video tells the story of Barilla’s amazing journey from being almost nothing but skin and bones to fully thriving and being able to live a normal life. Through the care she received and a special harness, Barilla was able to begin walking again and then running. After six weeks of care, her recovery was amazing! After you have watched this beautiful video, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!