Witness The Multi-Vehicle Pileup That Occurred in Montreal On 12/5/16


As you watch this video, you will immediately begin to see the wreckage unfold. With the icy, snowy streets, the cars, buses, and trucks are no match! It is shocking to see the bus and each car being pushed into the intersection because they simply cannot get any traction on the road. This is a multi-vehicle pileup these drivers and witnesses will never forget!

Can you imagine being in one of these vehicles and being at the whim of the icy streets? As they are pushed forward, another vehicle keeps coming along to hit them and push them more. What a dangerous situation this was and hopefully no one was injured in the pileup! This is a video you do not want to miss because it is so unbelievable. It is clear, drivers need to stay off the roads during weather like this, no matter how well they think their tires will hold up. Watch and Please SHARE on Facebook.