Witness Nine Months of Pregnancy Through an Awesome Time-Lapse Video


When this woman and man married and later found out they were pregnant, they decided to create a special project that would take nine months to accomplish. From the very first moment, the husband began taking photos of his pregnant wife so a video project could be made. He ended up taking over 1000 photographs and then using time-lapse video software to piece all of the photos together so a unique video project could be born. It is amazing to see how the woman’s body changes throughout the nine months!

This is one of the coolest time-lapse projects you have likely ever seen! This took a lot of work but it will always serve as a memory for this sweet family. The birth of their daughter was a momentous occasion they will never forget. This is so cute and is so unique you will want to make sure you watch it all the way to the end. Check out this awesome video and Please SHARE on Facebook.