Witness The Unbelievable Mountain Rescue Of An Injured Pitbull


The dog in this video was seen limping around a neighborhood as if he was in severe pain. It seems he had been injured in some way but would not let anyone close enough to help him. Rescuers tried and tried for two days but were not successful so they decided they would need to use a tranquilizer dart so they could subdue him and bring the dog in. Although it took quite an effort, they were finally able to rescue the dog and bring him to the vet.

They named him Wallace and he is such a sweet dog! It turns out he had no broken bones but only an ankle infection that was treated promptly. He then went to a foster home so he could fully recover and begin to trust humans. Now, this sweet dog has a furrever home where he receives love, attention, and care. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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