Witnessing an Ailing Homeless Puppy’s Miraculous Recovery


At the beginning of the video, viewers are introduced to a homeless puppy who is in the process of being rehabilitated. Just the sight of her is enough to bring tears to one’s eyes. Her face is covered in pustules, and she’s missing a lot of fur. She appears to feel about as sad as she looks, which only makes the beginning of the video sadder. However, over the course of the video, viewers will see her gradually regain her health and her energy.

Viewers will see her start playing again during the video, and they will watch her appearance return to normal. By the end of the video, she is almost unrecognizable compared to the way in which she was at the beginning of the video. It’s certainly a video that has a happy ending. People all over Facebook would gleefully SHARE this video, and they would find its resolution heartwarming.