This Wolf Allows Someone To Rub His Belly In This Super Cool Video!


When you see this video, you will be shocked! It seems that a woman has become friends with a wolf. This very large wolf allows the woman to film him and he even loves playing with her. With the camera rolling, the wolf lays on his belly and let the woman rub his belly! This wolf seems to love the company of the woman and is not aggressive at all, instead he is very timid in his actions and put his guard down in front of the woman.

You can hear the rest of the wolf pack howling in the background and the sound can be very scary to hear. But the woman is not in danger. Please feel free to SHARE this amazing video with everyone on Facebook. If you have friends or family members that are animal lovers, please share it with them as well. They will be glad to watch this super cool wolf video.

Shelby Brower