Woman With Alzheimer’s Disease Is Surprised By Her Four Sons and Their Project


When someone you love begins to lose their memory due to Alzheimer’s Disease, it can be heartbreaking! In this video, you will hear the story of four brothers who lost their father at a very early age. Their most fondly held memory of him was the truck he and the family treasured so much. When the boys found out their mother had Alzheimer’s Disease, they made it their project to begin restoring their dad’s old pickup truck, in the hopes it might spark a memory in their mom. This touching video may bring tears to your eyes as you see the finished product unveiled!

These brothers worked for over two years to finish the truck so their mom could have a ride. Whether or not it sparked a memory is not easy to tell but it certainly meant so much to the brothers to work together to honor their parents in such a touching way! After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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