Woman Asks Her Stepdad If He Will Please Be Her Daddy and Adopt Her


This is likely going to be one of the most unique video experiences you will ever have! In this video, a woman is sharing a Father’s Day present with her stepdad. As you listen to him reading the letter, will you begin to get a clear picture of what this man means to the woman. She says he has always been there for her, acting as a dad would. Evidently, she never had a dad and was always sad over that fact. One day, she realized she would love for her stepdad to officially adopt her.

This is the sweetest video to watch. Seeing the reaction of the stepdad as he realizes his stepdaughter wants him to be her Daddy, is a joy to watch. This is what family is all about. Even someone who may not be blood-related to you can become true family! If you are overjoyed for these two, Please SHARE on Facebook.