Woman Becomes An Internet Sensation After Turning Down A Record Deal


Shukrananda Gant has become an Internet sensation because of this video her mom secretly recorded. It seems Shukrananda was offered a record deal ten years ago but she turned it down and instead decided to become a voice coach. Her mom knew she had the talent it takes to rise to the top and have a career but she had to make her gain confidence.

To do that, she secretly recorded this video of Shukrananda performing her own song, “The Beginning.” As she plays the piano and sings, it is clear she is truly a talented lady that deserves another chance at having a record deal. This video has created such a buzz, everyone seems to be talking about her and wants to hear more. Hopefully, the right people will see this video and hook her up with those who can help her career. Enjoy watching and Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.