Woman Was Buried Alive In Her Body For Nine Years!


This video is from Beyond Chance, hosted by Melissa Ethridge. In this video, she tells the story of Julia Tavalaro, who was trapped inside her body for nine years, almost as if she was buried alive! When she suffered two massive strokes and bleeding on the brain, doctors said she was a vegetable and could not hear, speak, move, or feel. While they were right on some accounts, Julia was very much able to hear, feel, and think. She could even hear the nurses callously calling her a vegetable as they took care of her.

Julia was finally released from her prison after nine long years of suffering. Can you imagine the torment this woman went through as day after day she lay there and could not tell anyone she was really there? Finally, Julia was given a voice and began to interact with the world around her, even writing a book called Look Up. If you are amazed at what this brave woman went through, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Titus Rivas

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