Woman Was Called Fat and Lazy But Cancer Was Her Real Problem


In this video, you will hear about the story of a woman who went through twelve years of being overweight and lacking energy, only to be told she simply needed to lose weight. When she was rapidly gaining weight, without overeating, she knew there was something wrong with her body. Finally, doctors found out she had hypothyroidism and said a pill would make her all better. Unfortunately, her symptoms did not improve, even when the doctors attempted to continuously up her dosage.

The final straw in the process was when her doctor told her she needed to admit she was overweight and lazy! It was then she realized she needed a second opinion. Finally, she was seen by a doctor who understood her symptoms and diagnosed her with thyroid cancer. When it was all said and done, she had surgery to remove over fifty-one lymph nodes and her thyroid gland. She is alive today because she refused to sit back and be bullied by her doctor. Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness about this disease!

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