Woman Carries Her Dying Dog Down The Aisle For Her Wedding


This is a sad video to watch but a very touching one. The woman in this video wanted nothing more than to have Charlie by her side as she said her vows. This special dog was fifteen years old and had been her best friend since she was a child. When the dog was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the family knew it would soon be time to say goodbye to their old friend. Although it caused her to cry on her wedding day, the woman carried Charlie down the aisle so he could be a part of her special day.

Although this is a tough one to watch, it will bring your heart joy over the love between this family and their sweet dog, Charlie. Eight days after these pictures were made, Charlie succumbed to his illness and passed away. Though their hearts were broken, they will always have the wonderful memories from their times with him and this video will always serve as a reminder of their love. Check out the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.