Woman Celebrates Her 110th Birthday And Is Having The Time Of Her Life


The woman in this video was born in 1906 when Teddy Roosevelt was president of the United States. She recently had a huge birthday bash with over 200 people in attendance as she celebrated her 110th birthday. When asked about the secret of her longevity, Louise simply says she is lucky. She is an amazing woman and is still so full of life, enjoying each day to the maximum. This is a story you just have to see!

This woman will amaze you and hearing about her life is a joy. She looks so good for her age and is in good health. It is a joy to watch this video and you will love every minute of it! This woman deserves to celebrate in style! In this video, she is sitting and reading through the many cards she was given for her birthday from family and friends. After you have watched this enjoyable video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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