Woman Gets Beaten in Public, but Muslim Woman Gets No Help


What’s the difference between a Muslim woman getting beaten in public, and any other woman in the world? You’re about to see it. In this video, it’s clear that a woman wearing a burka, who chooses modesty in her Muslim faith, it given less attention due to her subserviency to her male companion or husband. But, is that right? It shouldn’t be, but very few appear to think so.
No woman deserves to be hit, and in this public experiment, the first couple is arguing in English.

When the man finally hits her, there is no shortage of help – and it’s immediate. When wearing a burka and speaking in Arabic, however, there is no sense of urgency to help the woman, and several people pass without utter a single word.

Of course, there is finally a man who stands up and threatens to call the cops if the woman is hit again, but why did it take so long? Why should any woman have to go through this, just because she is dressed differently? Perhaps people have become more afraid of what is going on in the Middle East, but no woman deserves this. Watch the video, and think about what you might do in this situation.
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