Woman Gets Major Surprise After Rescuing Twenty Elementary Kids From A Burning Bus


When Ellen learned of this bus driver’s heroic acts, she had to have her on her show to honor her! The bus driver in this video noticed her brake light came on when she stopped to let a child off at their stop. Soon, the children were smelling smoke and she realized the school bus was on fire! She quickly got the children off the bus and to safety and then went back into the burning bus to make sure they were all off. This woman is truly a hero and this video is amazing to watch!

After hearing about Renita’s story and how she selflessly risked her life to save twenty children, Ellen and her sponsors wanted to surprise her with a special gift. When you see the big check she is gifted, you will want to shout with joy with her! If you think this bus driver deserves to be honored, Please SHARE on Facebook.