Woman Gives Birth In The Front Seat And Punches Her Husband Out Cold!


When you see this video unfold, you will be absolutely shocked at the events that occur! In this story, you will see a young woman who rushed to the hospital because her water broke and she was in labor. Unfortunately, she gives birth on the front seat because the baby comes just as she pulls up to the hospital doors. After a bit of a scare with the umbilical cord, the child is born and the dad is ready to cut the cord.

When he comes over to the front seat and sees his wife covered in blood, you would think he would be concerned. Instead of worrying about his wife or rejoicing over his newborn, he realizes his new car is totally ruined and he is not happy. His wife is not happy either and gives him a big punch right in the face! If you think he deserved it, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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