This Woman Knows What She Is Doing Singing “Who’s Loving You”!


Watch this video to see how one woman wowed all of the coaches on The Voice in Holland. She hits a big note at the beginning of her performance, and all of the coaches turn around immediately! That is not the end for her, though. She keeps impressing the coaches as she moves on in her performance, and she gets them on her feet at the end.

She is an exceptional singer, and it is a great thing that she went on The Voice, so that her voice could be heard!

You will feel impressed when you play this video and watch it all the way to the end. This girl really knows how to hit some notes, and how to hold them out. She is a great singer, and she deserved all four of those chairs to turn around for her. Once you are done watching the video please SHARE it on Facebook.

The voice of Holland