A Woman Manages to Save a Starved Dog From Acquaintances Who Left Him in the Backyard


Many people imagine that animal rescuers are always people who are affiliated with animal rescue charities. In fact, many of them are just ordinary people from a wide variety of different backgrounds. The woman in this video is an interior designer who was retired at the time, and she still managed to make all the difference in the life of a dog.

The dog in question belonged to acquaintances of hers who apparently never managed to feed the animal. When she found him, he was shockingly emaciated, with protruding bones and no body fat at all. Viewers may find the image of the dog horrifying. Fortunately, she got him to the vet and the dog is in a safe place now. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it helps to raise awareness about the importance of helping animals, and it shows that everyday people can really make a difference.