Woman Pranks Her First Dates By Arriving In A Wedding Gown


Laura Bubble is a comedian with a few tricks up her sleeves. In this video, she is attempting to prank a few first dates by arriving in a wedding gown she bought off of Ebay. It is hilarious to see the men’s’ reactions as each one sees her and is shocked. One guy immediately turns around and makes a hasty retreat while a couple of them stick around.

Laura wanted to perform this social prank to see how men would react if a woman seemed a little too eager to marry. You will laugh out loud as you see each man’s reaction and how he handles seeing his date standing there in a bridal gown, holding a bouquet of flowers. This woman wanted the men to know she was ready to make it permanent and most of them could not handle it! Enjoy this hilarious prank video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.