Woman Is Saved After Attempting To Take Her Own Life By Jumping Off A Bridge


This video shows the harrowing rescue of a young woman who was found dangling from the Mansfield Bridge. She had attempted to jump and take her own life and evidently decided against it. As she hung on for dear life, a man stopped to help her. Thankfully, two truck drivers pulled their rigs up under the bridge and the woman was rescued. This amazing rescue has given this woman a new chance at life.

You will not believe the kindness of strangers and how these people were able to stop the woman from falling so she would not be seriously injured or killed. Thankfully, the man in this video had a caring heart and was willing to go out of his way to help the young woman. Hopefully, she will now be able to receive the care she so desperately needs so her life can start again. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.