Woman Secretly Records Her Doctors During Surgery And Is Shocked At What She Hears!


This shocking video may be one you do not want to miss out on if you have ever gone under the knife! When a woman had a run-in with her surgeon, she decided she would secretly record her surgery by hiding her phone in her hair extensions. When she played back the recording, she was absolutely shocked at the disparaging comments she heard from the surgeon and medical staff. When you hear what was said, you will not be able to believe it!

This video hopes to shed light on a growing concern among patients. Unfortunately, this is not the only time a patient has made a recording such as this and some surgeons and doctors have been forced to pay up! The woman in this video was deeply hurt by the comments and is considering filing a lawsuit. If you find this video disturbing, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be warned.

ABC News

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