Woman Throws The Game On Wheel Of Fortune So The Other Contestants Can Win


If you have ever watched Wheel of Fortune, you know how competitive it can get! In this video, you will see a woman who is allowing the other players to win some money because she had already won a lot! She guesses letters she knows are not going to be there, like X and Z just so they will have a chance at winning some money. What a selfless act this woman did! There are very few people that would be this kind.

This is a video you have got to see to believe. She knew the answer and could have walked away with even more money than she had already won but she wanted to be kind and gracious so the other two contestants could walk away with some winnings. This woman deserves to be honored for her selfless actions! After watching the video, do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy.

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