Woman Turns Her Back To Thump Melons And Her Purse Is Gone!


When you see this video, it will make you angry! There are so many thieves that delight in taking from others. The woman in this video was careless and turned her back to thump a few melons, leaving her purse exposed to others. When the other woman saw she was distracted, she quickly took the opportunity and grabbed the purse, taking off as fast as possible. Surveillance video caught her and it is hoped she will be found.

A woman should never turn her back on her purse, no matter how safe she feels she is. Thieves are always looking to see who they can take advantage of. Can you imagine how this woman felt when she turned back around and realized her purse was gone? It would make you feel so violated! It is hoped this woman will be found and prosecuted for her crimes and the victim will learn a valuable lesson from this incident. Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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